Using the Electrical Flat Stone for Lug Preparation

Electrical Lugs: All lugs are metal with good electrical properties. All lugs are oxidized right out of the box. Wiping them off does little to reduce the contamination and oxidation. Using an abrasive does remove surface material down to the metal. Joining this metal lug with another metal lug and clamping the lugs together will produce only about 35 to 37% metal to metal contact. This is not bad because most of the contaminants are removed from the connection. However, oxygen is still about 63% of the connection and will oxidize the connection over time using electrolysis. To stop this process, grease the connection with electrical grease, which takes out the oxygen in the connection.

To improve this process, using the electrical flat will flatten and polish the lug to 60% surface to surface contact. Grease and use our graded bolts with instructions on how to put the bolts into clamp, electrically and structurally, with or without a torque wrench. This will dramatically improve conductivity and increase the life of the connection over time.