Breaker Kit, Zinsco and Most Circuit Breakers, Clamp Setting Gauge, Swipes & wipes



Product Description

This kit will bring your breaker  installation up to professional grade.

KIT – One gauge, Three 2000 & three 4000 grit swipes, Three lint free wipes.

Breaker clamp needs to be set with a gauge & cleaned with 2000 & 4000 grit swipes

To set breakers, clean breaker with swipes 2000 and then 4000 grit.

To renew swipe tip cut off swipe end with scissors.

Grease gauge & insert into breaker, hold up gauge

and remove breaker, this should require some effort to remove, if the breaker just

falls off, adjust clamp with small screw driver and repeat.

Install breaker on a clean and greased buss.