Electrical Grease 0.8 oz and Copper Grease 0.4 oz for Pro Electrical Connections Kit (free shipping)



Product Description

Copper grease: If you need to reuse a damaged buss, clean, brush and rub copper grease into the area affected.

Electrical panel grease: 0.8 oz will rebuild about 50 electrical panels with grease. After cleaning apply a very thin coating of electrical grease over the electrical buss or stabs, (Breaker Connections) this does 4 things:

  1. Reduces the friction of the breaker sliding over the buss or stab, reducing clamp loss.
  2. When the breaker seats on the buss or stab it forms a very small puddle. This puddle eliminates the oxygen in the connection. Oxygen in a connection will enter the metal of the connection through electrolysis, deteriorating and oxidizing the connection over time.
  3. If the breaker were to over current, it would retard the burning effect on the buss or stab.
  4. Coating the buss and stabs with grease, reduces oxidation.

Application instructions  accompany each set of grease. Buss kit. com

It is estimated that there are over 100,000 electrical, connection failures in the US daily.