Electrical Emergency Kit (EEK) For Power During Outages


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Power when and where you need it.

Rechargeable power supply with power.

Emergency power for your garage door, tools, TV, refrigerator, computer, and more.

There are thousands of power outages in the US daily.


Product Description

The 800-watt unit provides 7.2 amps for up to 60 minutes or more.
Read instructions completely before use.


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Portable Power, Portable Power Supply, Emergency Backup for your garage door, tools and 15 hours of tool charging, camping, TV, refrigerator, computer, lighting, radio, pumps, boats, work sites, etc. The 800-watt unit can power up to a 1/2 hp (garage door) motor so you can get your car out, close the door and still run a 100-watt light for 10 hours or a tv for 4 to 5 hours.


Install a sealed AGM battery SLAA Durdc12-100P (battery not included) in our battery case and just plug it in. The unit will charge as needed and when you need it, it’s ready. Just turn it on. For overnight or faster charging, use a larger external battery charge. For continuous use, leave door open for cooling.  Inverter is fully protected, with auto two speed cooling fan, automatic overload and low-battery shutdown features to protect your connected equipment.


Input 12 volts, AGM Durdc12-100P AH Duracell
Output 110 volts, 60 cycle
Max power 800 watts, 7.2 amps, output at approximately 60 minutes


Peak watts 1600 for 2 seconds
Normal discharge, 2 hours at 3.8 amps 400 watts, (refrigerator) at 50% = 4 to 6 hours


Duracell Ultra 12V SLA Sealed Lead Acid 100AH AGM Battery with M6 Insert Terminals SLAA12-100C/FR

Tool charging with a Makita 18v charger for up to 15 hours of continuous charging
Battery max discharge current: 5 minutes at 360 amps
Work temperature: -10 C to 40 C or 14 F to 104 F
Standby power usage: no load 10.21 watts when on


Electrical Power Backup Contains: Case with locking hasp, inverter, charger, and receptacle.


Recommended AGM Batteries: Duracell (not included)
(1) Dura 12-55C/FR, 36 LBS. Total weight 43 lbs. Performance at 50 %
(2) Dura 12-80C/FR, 47 LBS. Total weight 54 lbs. Performance at 75%
(3) Dura 12-100C/FR or Durdc12-100P, 67 lbs.

Total weight 74 lbs. Performance at 100 %
Weight and performance will depend on battery unit selected.


Instructions for Use

Use of a sealed AGM battery is required to operate this unit safely. Tighten battery connections before use.  Inverter’s cables are tightened to our specifications.  Only remove for warranty returns.

Have a Battery Dealer Install Your Battery or

Connect battery to inverter’s red lead to positive + terminal, and the black lead to negative – terminal.

See battery charger’s user manual for instructions on use.

To charge battery with trickle charger, remove large black negative lead from battery terminal. The charger’s red lead connects to battery’s positive + terminal and the black lead connects to negative – terminal.  Then plug in the charger. Charger will maintain charge in battery over time.

To Operate

Unplug charger, cover charger’s battery leads with attached cap. Connect large black lead to negative battery terminal. Turn on inverter.

Leave door open when operating.

Use a protected plug strip when powering multiple items.

To Operate Garage Door

To operate from the battery unit (up to 10 times for a ½ hp garage door), connect negative terminal to battery. Turn battery pack on. Unplug garage door opener from home or building. Use an extension cord to plug battery pack into garage door opener. Use garage door remote control or door switch as normal to operate.  Allow 2 minutes resting time between opening and closing.

To Store or Charge

Turn battery pack off when not in use for 10 minutes or more. Remove large black negative lead from battery terminal for storage or charging battery. Battery may be charged from a vehicle or external charger. Always use caution when charging battery or operating unit.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
NEMA Rating