Electrical Emergency Kit (EEK) Electrical Power Backup For Your Garage Door, Computer, TV, Refrigerator, Equipment, Etc. During a Power Outage

The 800-watt unit provides 7.2 amps for up to 60 minutes or more.
Read instructions completely before use.

$169.00 plus shipping.

Read instructions completely before use.

Portable Power, Portable Power Supply, and Emergency Backup for your garage door, tools and 15 hours of tool charging, camping, TV, refrigerator, computer, lighting, radio, pumps, boats, work sites, and more. The 800-watt unit can power up to a 1/2 hp (garage door) motor so you can get your car out, close the door and still run a 100-watt light for 10 hours or a tv for 4 to 5 hours.

Install a sealed AGM battery SLAA Durdc12-100P (battery not included) in our battery case and just plug it in. The unit will charge as needed and when you need it, it’s ready. Just turn it on. For overnight or faster charging, use a larger external battery charge. For continuous use, leave door open for cooling. Inverter is fully protected, with auto two speed cooling fan, automatic overload and low-battery shutdown features to protect your connected equipment.

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