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Electrical Buss repair and preparation Panel kit #1 and Pro kit #2

Buss repair and preparation kits for installing any type of breaker and rebuilding panels. (Except Bolt-On Breaker Panels)

Read instructions completely before execution

Hello, my name is John, I am a master electrician with 50 + years in the trades. There are many issues on YouTube and other sites that are not correct. This can get you into trouble. Some issues are:

  • Installing breakers
  • Preparing a panel buss for a breaker (deoxidizing a buss)
  • Repairing the panel and installing its breakers correctly
  • Breaker panel maintenance, every 25 years or so

This procedure will apply to most breaker panels and buss systems. However, your panel may require special treatment.  Check with the manufacturer first.

Zinsco panels have had a bad rap for a long time.  These panels were designed for easy replacement with new buss bars, and if installed properly the first time, they will last 30 years or so. When a Zinsco panel is installed correctly all the breakers are set to a pre-set gap and buss bars are polished and a light coating of electrical grease is applied. Panels are set usually by the lowest bidder and are not set to manufacturer’s specifications. Some sit open for months waiting on construction to conclude. 

Most panel buss stabs and Zinsco buss bars are 110 to 125 thousandth thick so it makes sense to set the breaker gap to hold an 80 thousandth gauge, so we will have a 30 plus, thousandth of clamping force, not so much that it’s hard to push over the buss bar, but strong enough that it will seat. Too much force or improper gap will reduce the clamp and cause the breaker to overheat and cause problems in the future. Not removing the oxidation and contamination causes the same problems. A contaminated and oxidized buss is no place for anything, especially not a breaker. 

Panel Kit #1 is good for about 5 panels.  Pro Kit #2 is good for about 50 panels.

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